Teos Ancient City

Ancient City of Teos, located in Seferihisar town of Izmir was founded as an Ionian civilization in 1000 BC. It is believed that Athames, the son of Dionysus, was the founder of the city. Teos was ruled first by Lydia and then Persia. It gained its independence with Ionians and had an important role in architecture and trade.

Teos was one of the most important of 12 cities in Antique Ionia. There are Hellenistic and Roman period monuments in the ancient city of Teos.

The Temple of Dionysus, which is open to visitors, is the most significant monument at Teos. Teos Ancient City consists of the Hellenistic city walls, antique theatre, acropolis, agora, odeon, bouleuterion, cistern, gymnasium, the remains of the ancient southern port and a small church built on the pier.

Historical and natural beauty of Teos increases the value of it. An 16th century Ottoman Castle is another beauty on the way to Teos. You will never forget the wonderful sunset in gulf of Sığacık.