Are You Ready for Tuna Masters Teos 2023?

Master Fishermen of the High Seas to Compete at Stafu Pro Tuna Masters Teos

This year, the 8th Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023 Fishing Tournament, which will be held under the main sponsorship of Stafu Pro and hosted by Teos Marina and under the auspices of Seferihisar Municipality, will take place between 7 - 10 September 2023.

All masters of deep sea fishing will be after giant fish again this year at Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023, which has attracted great attention since the first day it was held and has become one of the biggest tournaments in Turkey and Europe.

This year, 53 boats will participate in Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023, the first leg of the Tuna Masters series. In addition to the two boats coming from all marinas around Seferihisar and Cyprus, the competition will also include athletes from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Greece.

In addition to competing in Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023, where the most and biggest fish have been caught for years, many world-leading brands will also take part in the tournament field with their products as sponsors.

Faruk Günlü, General Manager of Teos Marina, which hosted the tournament, said: “We are pleased to host the Tuna Masters Teos this year. Record-sized fish are caught every year in the fertile seas of Sığacık Bay. We completed our preparations for this tournament, which is welcomed with more enthusiasm and interest every year than the previous one, with the professional team of our marina. We look forward to the weigh-in final that will be held at Teos Marina's Garden of Eden on Sunday, September 10.”

Making a statement about the program of the tournament, organizer Murat İyriboz said, “We will compete for records at StafuPro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023 on Friday, September 8 and Sunday, September 10. On Saturday, the event area will be open and our sponsors will showcase their new products, and the fun will continue at full throttle.”