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Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023 ended with a magnificent final at Teos Marina

This year, the 8th Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023 Fishing Tournament, organized for the 8th time under the main sponsorship of Stafu Pro, hosted by Teos Marina and under the auspices of Seferihisar Municipality, ended with the award ceremony held on Sunday, September 10, after the final competitions.

All the masters of open sea fishing went after giant fish at Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023, which again became one of the biggest tournaments in Turkey and Europe this year.

On the final day of Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023, which is the first leg of the Tuna Masters series, 53 boats set out to sea and returned to land with 9 Bluefin tuna and 2 swordfish that met the competition criteria. As a result of the evaluation made by the race committee after weighing and measuring the length of the caught fish;

13-year-old Baran Korkmaz, who was part of the Gusto Mare team and caught two Bluefin tuna, was deemed worthy of the Special Jury Award as the Youngest Fisherman. While Baran Korkmaz received his award from North Star Sales Manager Hilal Kaya, the Gusto Mare boat received free towing and launching service from Teos Marina and an Igloo ice chest from North Star with this success.

The Tuna Tango team, consisting of Vidal İtkin, Haluk Tepe, Ahmet Lahur and Mehmet Erel, caught a 176 cm long, 80.75 Kg Bluefin tuna on the first race day of the tournament, and returned to land with a 32.25 Kg Swordfish on the final day, with an overall score of 807 points. He came third in the division. The team received their award from Trio Sales Director Görkem Soner and won a gift certificate worth 5 thousand TL from Stafu, a Shimano Saragoza 10000 PG fishing reel from Paru Marin, and a Go Pro Mini from Go Pro.

The Snapper team, consisting of Hakan Erten, Oğuz Çakmak, Tufan Tütüncüoğlu and Müfit İldeniz, came in second in the General Classification by scoring 900 points with the Bluefin they caught, weighing 95.1 Kg, and the Bluefin weighing 54.90 Kg, which they released into the sea in a healthy state after catching. The team received their award from Bora Özer from Raymarine, a gift certificate worth 7 thousand TL from Stafu, Element 7 fish finder from Raymarine and Go Pro Mini from Go Pro.

The Kozlu team, consisting of Yunus Kozlu, Kerem Özdeveciler, Onur Avcı and Yusuf Kozlu, caught a Bluefin tuna with a length of 177 cm and a weight of 91.1 Kg on the first day of the tournament. On the final day, they caught another Bluefin weighing 83.75 Kg and became the winner of the General Classification with 1037 points. The team, whose award was presented by Teos Marina General Manager Faruk Günlü, was entitled to win a Stafu gift certificate worth 10 thousand TL, a 3.5 horsepower Tohatsu engine from Depar and a Go Pro Mini.

The 2.05-length, 100.75 Kg Bluefin tuna Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023, which was caught by the Salt Life team consisting of Halil Erdem Akartepe, Emre Kızılışık, Uygar Özden and Olcay Argun on the first race day of the tournament, was recorded as the biggest fish of Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023. Salt Life team won the Biggest Fish award. The team received their awards from Burak & Merve Akkurt from Stafu and were given a cash prize worth 30,225 TL and an EO ½ HP electric outboard engine from Minnkota.

Faruk Günlü, General Manager of Teos Marina, which hosted the tournament, said in his statement: "Tuna Masters is the first leg of the 'Tuna Masters' series, one of Turkey's most popular and Europe's leading open water sport fishing tournaments. We are pleased to host it this year too. Record-sized fish are caught every year in the fertile seas of Sığacık Bay. We completed our preparations for this tournament, which is welcomed with more enthusiasm and interest every year than the previous one, with the professional team of our marina. We hosted hundreds of people at Teos Marina's Garden of Eden throughout the tournament and determined the winners of the tournament with a great final. We both worked and had fun during the tournament, which was completed on the axis of sports, competition and sportsmanship. I would like to thank my professional marina team who contributed to the tournament. As Teos Marina, we congratulate the winning teams.”

Raymarine Tuna Masters ALAÇATI 2023, the second leg and final of the tournament organized for the Tuna Master Of The Year 2023 golden belt, will be held in Alaçatı Marina between 14 - 17 September 2023.

The teams that rank in Stafu Pro Tuna Masters TEOS 2023 will carry their scores to the Raymarine Tuna Masters ALAÇATI 2023 competitions for the Tuna Master Of The Year 2023 gold belt.

31st Royal Teos Aegean Rally Final Held at Teos Marina

Organized by the Aegean Automobile Sports Club (Eosk), the 5th leg of the Shell Helix 2022 Turkey Rally Championship ended with the team of Orhan Avcıoğlu-Burçin Korkmaz winning the 31st Royal Teos Aegean Rally. The Avcıoğlu-Korkmaz team, which won all 5 rallies this season with the Skoda Fabia R5, mathematically secured the Shell Helix 2022 Turkish Rally Championship with one race left with the Aegean victory.

BC Vision Motorsport's Burak Çukurova-Burak Akçay team finished second in the rally, and Castrol Ford Team Turkey's Ümit Can Özdemir-Batuhan Memişyazıcı team took the third place in the podium. The Royal Teos Aegean Rally, which witnessed great competition for two days in Izmir Seferihisar, with the participation of 62 cars and 124 athletes, came to an end on Sunday evening, October 16, at the finish podium at Teos Marina, one of the sponsors of the organization. Hundreds of spectators who participated in the finishing podium at Teos Marina enjoyed motorcycle riding in addition to various activities and gifts.

Shell Helix 2022 Turkey Rally Championship came to an end with the 42nd Istanbul Rally to be organized by Istanbul Automobile Sports Club (ISOK) on 12-13 November.

2022 Gold Pallet Underwater Imaging Turkey Championship, with Teos Marina as a sponsor, has concluded

The Golden Pallet Underwater Imaging Turkey Championship, organized by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF) between 13-18 September, has been concluded. In the championship hosted by Teos Marina, which is among the planned activities of the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, 20 athletes competed to take the photographs and videos that best reflect the colorful underwater world of Seferihisar Sığacık. The athletes, who performed 4 dives over 2 days in 6 categories in photography and 3 categories in video, were amazed by the coral sponge formation and vitality at the Sığacık diving points. The jury, consisting of Turkey's leading names, gathered at Teos Marina Yacht Sailing Club to complete their evaluations and selected the most striking photos and videos. At the end of the exciting wait, the winners of all categories were announced.

The medal ceremony held in Sığacık Kaleiçi was held on Saturday, September 17, under the management of TSSF President Oğuz Aydın, Secretary General City Şahin, General Coordinator Zafer Yüksel, Board Member Ferda Büyükbaykal, Underwater Imaging Technical Board Chairman Murat Kaptan.

Diving Spots Close to Teos Marina Make Divers Dreams

Faruk Günlü, General Manager of Teos Marina, which provides service in Sığacık, one of Turkey's best diving spots, said, “We are very happy to host the Turkish Underwater Imaging Championship, organized by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF), all winners. Hearty congratulations to the contestants. We would like to thank the federation for the award they gave us at the award night. We will be exhibiting all the winning works in the Festival Area in Teos Marina Bazaar in the coming days. I recommend our guests who do not want to miss the exhibition to follow the Teos Marina Instagram address @teosmarinaofficial.

It is not a coincidence that Sığacık was chosen for this competition. The underwater world of Sığacık is one of the rarest places you can find in the Mediterranean basin in terms of both its fauna and flora. In addition, all diving points are quite safe. There are few places with such a wide variety of fish, coral and sponges as in Sığacık. As Teos Marina, we could not remain indifferent to this beauty, and as one of Turkey's tourism ambassadors, we prepared the brochure 'Diving Points Near Teos Marina' together with Adem Gürsoy and Görkem Gürsoy, the operators of the Serenad Diving Center operating in our marina. In this way, we promote the underwater beauties of our country by distributing our brochure, which we prepared as a very comprehensive reference, at international and domestic fairs. Anyone who wants to dive in Sığacık can download this comprehensive and satisfying information about the beauties of the underwater world to their device at before diving. You can make a reservation for diving by calling the Serenad Diving Center, the diving center of Scuba Schools International (SSI), one of the most distinguished diving schools in the world, serving at Teos Marina, by calling 0 505 800 76 16. We are waiting for you at Teos Marina for a diving activity that you can do in summer and winter.” said.

The spectacular finale of Tuna Masters Teos 2022: Rain of prizes for the winners!

This year 51 boats competed in Tuna Masters Teos, Europe's biggest and most important open sea fishing tournament hosted by Teos Marina and sponsored by Organized by Murat İyriboz and Elvio Pennetti, TORNADO, FIUME and SIS-35 teams were ranked on the first day, while the fish of SIS-35 and STAFU teams were on the stage on the second day. At the end of the tournament, the FIUME team won the "biggest fish" category with 89.80 kg of tuna caught on the first day of the tournament and received its award from Turkey Manager Faysal ŞEFKATLIOĞLU. In the category of “Most fish” TORNADO won the first place with 3 tuna. At the same time, TORNADO team, which had the highest total score in the tournament, received its award from Teos Marina General Manager Faruk GÜNLÜ.

Murat İyriboz said, “Teos Marina is like our home, this leg of the tournament is literally the Giants League for us. We always do great things together with Teos Marina.”

With the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the condition that the length of the tuna to be kept during the tournament should be minimum 115 cm was changed by the competition organizers to a minimum of 140 cm on the first day of the tournament and a minimum of 150 cm on the second day of the tournament.

Tuna Masters Teos 2022 was marked by the awards given to the finalists this year. Tuna Masters special clothes for the winners, Zenaq reed, 20.000-40.00-60.000 and 100,000 worth of Bitcicoin, The Economist Bitci painting, accommodation from Hotel Swissotel Resort Bodrum, director's chair from Bahçe Dekor, DEPAR Seascooter RS 2, special collection from Stafu clothes, Raymarine Element 7 S fish finder, wooden works of art from Nature's Work were gifted.

In addition to the marinas around Seferihisar and two boats from Cyprus, Erkut Soyak, Gökhan Çarmıklı, Turgut Konukoğlu, Suat Yiğit, Mahmut Özgener, Altuğ Aksoy, Sinan Kuran and Bülent Delican from countries such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Monaco have proven themselves in international waters. The tournament, in which many master athletes competed fiercely, took place in a festive atmosphere on the grass field called Garden of Eden in Teos Marina.

In addition to the competition in Tuna Masters Teos, where the biggest fish have been caught every year since 2016, many world-leading brands took part in the tournament field with their products as supporters. Hundreds of visitors who participated in the tournament final had the opportunity to visit the stands of many sponsor companies such as Stafu, Paru Marin, Bahçe Dekor, Depar, Can-am, Seadoo, Tohatsu, Raymarine, Viking, Nature's Work, Chameleon, Light House. Hosted by Teos Marina and sponsored by, the fierce struggle of master fishermen, the laughter and friendly conversations in the tournament area, which has turned into a festival area, were unforgettable moments for all participants. The tournament ended with a gala dinner after the award ceremony on Sunday, September 11th.

Teos Marina Bazaar A Complete Attraction For Investors

Sığacık, the most touristic region of Seferihisar, which stands out with its unspoiled nature, historical texture, natural products and local flavors and is Turkey's first "Cittaslow" city (quiet city), increases the number of visitors from İzmir and surrounding cities exponentially, especially on weekends. It proves that he is a shining star. At the very heart of Sığacık is Teos Marina.

With its location 40 km from Izmir center and 50 km from Adnan Menderes International Airport and its logistics advantages, Teos Marina is right next to the historical Sığacık Castle and Teos Ancient City; It is 1 hour away from many touristic attractions such as Çeşme, Kuşadası, the Ancient City of Ephesus and the Virgin Mary.

Teos Marina, where ferry services are organized with a 2-hour distance to the Greek island of Samos, is among the 5 anchored marinas of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. There is also a children's playground, helipad, swimming pool and tennis courts in the marina, which offers its services with the highest level of quality to serve its distinguished customers. Teos Marina Bazaar area stands out as a “life center” with its approximately 7000 m2 closed leasable area and 10.000 m2 open area, hosting many cafes, restaurants, night entertainment venues, supermarkets for shopping, boutiques and accessory stores. In the Spa center located in the Teos Marina Bazaar area, sauna, steam room, Turkish bath and massage services are provided, and there is also a diving center in the bazaar.

Teos Marina, which also hosts organizations such as Tuna Masters Teos and many outdoor promotional events, is an important attraction center of İzmir throughout the summer with its concerts, reaching 5 thousand visitors per week on weekdays during the season. On weekends, this figure reaches 7-8 thousand.

Teos Marina's yachting portfolio mostly consists of dynamic business people who are still active in business life and belong to prestigious professional groups. The portfolio, which uses these boats in summer and winter and prefers short distance cruises, creates a young customer base. Teos Marina Bazaar serves to meet the needs of both yachtsmen and visitors of the region and collect pleasant memories.

This density in the visitor profile, whose economic level has been above the middle in recent years, also attracts the attention of investors. With the increase in the number of luxury hotels built in Sığacık and the fact that Seferihisar, which maintains its local identity while developing, is one of the fastest-appreciating districts of İzmir, Teos Marina Çarşı is waiting to meet new investors as a true center of attraction.

The Address Of Quality, Comfort And Innovation: Teos Marina, The Shining Star Of Izmir

As it is known, the transformation of Covid-19 into a pandemic has had a devastating effect on almost every sector and market. Although there are various speculative statements, no industry has yet seen the long-term consequences of the pandemic. However, we know that the pandemic has changed and transformed everything from social habits to consumer behaviors, from investments to our future planning, especially in business life in the short and medium term. While we were talking about full closure, travel barriers, new regulations and measures regarding the pandemic brought to food and beverage, transportation and accommodation facilities, we found ourselves in a world with different rules and called the "New Normal". In a sense, every sector had to continue the game at a table where the cards were shuffled again.

During the pandemic, the marina industry, which is one of the arteries of marine tourism, has also gone through some changes. It is a fact that, with the transformation of Covid-19 into a pandemic, people began to worry more about financial, social, security and most importantly health than in the past, and to find the lifestyle they had in the past risky. Mobility restrictions, physical distancing and hygiene measures have made the consumer more selective in all their choices. In big cities, people started to do their grocery shopping via internet platforms, and they preferred to go to boutique hotels, hostels or rent a house during the holidays. Again, in this process, the demand for the "idea of owning a boat" increased tremendously.

Although there is no comprehensive research on this subject, I can say that as a person in the industry and based on my observations, a person who participates in sea tourism under normal conditions would spend about 30 times more than a consumer who participates in hotel tourism. With the pandemic, the number of people who sacrifice this expenditure and even more, and do it with great enthusiasm, has increased greatly. This has caused boat sales to increase like never before. With the pandemic, people who did not think of owning a boat before, bought boats and started to spend their free time and all their holidays on their boats. Where can a person and his family spend time away from the crowd, without the need for social distance rules, wearing a mask, in nature, as if at home? Of course he can have his own boat. What are the facilities that will offer them the peace, comfort and quality of their homes? Marinas. I mean, the pandemic has provided an unexpected advantage to the marina industry in this sense.

In addition to our yachtsmen who have just joined our family, it has become plausible for our boat owners who have preferred Teos Marina quality for many years to move both their homes and offices to our marina and benefit from the professional and quality service offered at Teos Marina 24/7, during and after the pandemic period.

The profile of yachtsmen in Teos Marina mostly consists of business people with active business life and their families. For this reason, thanks to our free internet service, which works smoothly everywhere in our marina during the pandemic period and provides 300 Mb speed access to all our guests from their boats, the boat owners were able to turn their boats into offices and follow their work, as well as maintain their comfort at home by not being deprived of the series on Netflix. One of the important issues that the pandemic accelerated was of course digitalization. We continue to run some of our services through digital channels both during and after the pandemic process in our marina. However, as in all service sectors, the more face-to-face and heart-to-heart we are with our yachtsmen, the luckier we feel. But habits do not change easily. As you know, as I said before, we continue to provide services to our yachters in our marina with a set of habits and unwritten rules that we call the "New Normal". For example, after the pandemic at Teos Marina, our boat owners can order baked goods such as pizza, coffee, food and croissants from the restaurants, cafes and bakery in Teos Marina Çarşı, which has been completely renovated recently, and have their boats serviced without the need to interfere with the crowd. With the "Migros Virtual Market" application offered by Teos Marina Migros to all the people of Sığacık, they have started to order the products they want to their boats. In order to increase the comfort of our boat owners in the marina, we doubled the number of our golf vehicles this year. By using clean energy in our fully electric golf vehicles, we thought not only about the comfort of our yachtsmen, but also of nature. We added 20 more this year to the 15 bikes we launched last year, and increased it to 35 bikes. Now, whatever our boat owners want to reach in Sığacık is only a few pedals away.

In Teos Marina, which has become the apple of the eye of all of Turkey, especially in recent years, with its bays of every shade of blue, clean air, deep-rooted history, organic flavors and the fun life it promises, both our boat owners and other visitors are welcome to visit the recently renovated and In Teos Marina Bazaar, which has a brand new look, walking in the fragrant gardens, spending time in quality food and beverage outlets, shopping in boutiques, sweating in our outdoor sports areas and resting in the Spa Center, they are quickly purified from the suffocating and tiring effects of the pandemic.

Although we say that the demand for our marina has increased during the pandemic process, Teos Marina has already been serving with 100% occupancy since 2018. With our ability to take quick action and produce innovative solutions for the needs of our yachtsmen, we care about the comfort, safety and health of our yachtsmen, and we continue to maximize the pleasure our yachtsmen will get from their marina life by providing quality and comfortable professional marina services with our competent staff. Our boat owners can rest assured that we will make every effort to maintain 100% quality and satisfaction even after the pandemic.

Teos Marina Bazaar: The New Address Of Delicious Food, Pleasant Shopping, Quality Life

Think of a place, overlooking the sea. Away from the dust, noise and vehicle traffic of the city; but it's also a lively place. It is such a place that besides the many things it promises with its historical castle, organic and local flavors, deep blue coves and serenity, the most prominent one is peace.

The pursuit of metropolitan people is always “to benefit from all the opportunities offered by the city and to be in contact with nature at every opportunity.” Especially if this person is from Izmir, his expectation from life will increase even more: to eat well, to drink with pleasure, to have quality entertainment and to enjoy every moment.

Today we will write about a place where you can experience all of these to the fullest. We are talking about Sığacık, where you can spend quality and pleasant time with your spouse, children and friends and collect happy memories with its clean air.

At the heart of all these beauties is the "Teos Marina Bazaar", which is located in Teos Marina, which has made a name for itself for years with its passion for quality service to seafarers, and which has become the biggest attraction center of Sığacık with its brand-new face, which it has gained with the renovation work completed recently. Teos Marina, with its Teos Marina Bazaar renovation investment, made in line with the world-class quality marina life and service concept it offers to the boat owners it hosts, adds a new one to its shopping, eating and drinking and entertainment addresses for İzmir residents.

We were caught in the sweet wind of Sığacık, which cools people even in the scorching heat of the summer, and took our breath in Teos Marina Bazaar, right next to İzmir. You will witness the elegance and simplicity of Mediterranean architecture at Teos Marina Bazaar, located in Sığacık, which has become the apple of the eye especially in recent years, with its bays benefiting from every shade of blue, clean air, deep-rooted history, organic flavors and the fun life it promises.

The list of things to do in Teos Marina Bazaar, which combines the texture of the ancient city of Teos, founded in B.C 1000, with the Mediterranean architecture of the 16th century Ottoman Castle, is quite long: You can have your breakfast after your walk among the fragrant flower gardens in the morning; After shopping, while your children are having fun at the playground, you can sip your coffee and chat with your loved ones.

Teos Marina Bazaar, which attracts great attention, is like a medicine for the people of Izmir, who relieve the stress of city life in an open-air, sea-scented environment after the pandemic. In Teos Marina Bazaar, which takes care of all your needs, there is a Spa and Beauty concept business, underwater diving spots where you can dive into the undiscovered underwater world of Sığacık bays and take picturesque photos, and a diving school.

Teos Marina Bazaar, which can be visited in all four seasons and will be remembered with a different taste in every season, has a "Festival Area" as well as luxury businesses. You can attend events and concerts held throughout the year in the colorful and lively festival area, where thousands of people enjoy themselves. To be the first to hear about all the events, just follow Teos Marina's official Instagram address (@teosmarinaofficial).

Long story short, great things are happening at Teos Marina, the shining star of Izmir. If you are one of those who transform time into quality and comfort, Teos Marina Bazaar is just for you.

Yeni Asır (.pdf)

Teos Marina Received the Blue Flag Award

Today, Teos Marina once again completed the Blue Flag certification process and received the Blue Flag. Teos Marina, which received full marks by meeting all criteria from environmental education to environmental management, from security services to sea water quality, was awarded the iconic Blue Flag in 2022, as it has been for 11 years. As you may know, we added 20 more to the 15 bikes we offered to our yachtsmen last year, and increased it to 35 this year. During the field inspectation conducted by Blue Flag North Aegean Provinces Deputy Coordinator Yetkin Karabinali, we were very pleased to be one step ahead with the environmental and sustainable services we offer once again.

Sığacık bays are now much cleaner

Teos Marina, operating in Sığacık next to İzmir, continues its cleaning activities in the surrounding bays this year, as it does every year. 20 of Teos Marina personnel participated in the clean-up event that started in Çamcaz Bay, which is 1 nautical mile from the Marina, and then continued in Akvaryum and Tepesidelik Bays.

Volunteer staff, who departed from Teos Marina on May 31 at 9.00 in order to clean the shores and seabed in Sığacık bays, carried the garbage they collected to the marina with the fire extinguisher boat and other joker boats of the marina.

ozens of large-size bags of waste collected from the coastline in the bays and the shrub area on the slopes were brought to the marina for disposal. The excess of waste collected in a few hours surprised those who saw it. Among the garbage, there were used masks, butts, plastic and glass bottles, plastic toys and various clothing items such as boots, slippers and swimsuits.

Dozens of bags of garbage were collected in 3 hours from 3 bays in Sığacık

Teos Marina General Manager Faruk Günlü said, “We carried out coastal cleaning with our marina team in the most visited bays in Sığacık, where there is no land access, and which are visited the most by both our yachtsmen and daily tour boats. First of all, I would like to thank my entire team for their hard work and environmental awareness. The coves with their sparkling sea are the attraction center of this region. We are very happy to see that the amount of garbage has decreased significantly this year and that the clean-up campaigns we have carried out in the past years have worked. However, of course, many wastes and pollution continue to stand out on the coast. Today, we collected dozens of bags of garbage in a short period of 3 hours. We hope that this event will raise awareness once again and we will not find any garbage here at our next cleaning event and so we can just go to the sea with our team for swimming. Again, I would like to thank my team for their sensitivity and dedication, and we will continue to take environmentally friendly steps at Teos Marina. The seas are our home, the forests our breath.” made the statement.

Teos Marina Owns 5 Gold Anchors

It was 2011... We became one of the few marinas in the world to receive 5 Golden Anchor Awards given by The Yacht Harbour Association who is one of the standard setters of the marina industry, and we have never missed this award since then. Today, it is 2022… Teos Marina continues to make a name for itself in the international arena as a marina with high environmental awareness, customer-oriented service approach, and high-quality land and sea services. We would like to thank TYHA for this prestigious award, which strengthened our international quality assurance once again.

Teos Marina Naviga Magazine

Naviga Magazine includes the opinions of marina sector representatives on the development of electric boats and renewable energy consumption in its April issue. In this news file covering electric boats, Teos Marina General Manager Faruk Günlü shared his sectoral comments and predictions on the subject with yacht lovers. To read the full article, be sure to get the April issue of Naviga Magazine.

Naviga Dergisi (.pdf)

Tuna Masters Teos 2021 kicks off

Tuna Masters Teos, the fish tournament to be held for the 6th time this year on September 2-5, hosted by Teos Marina, is being held under the main sponsorship of this year. Tuna Masters Teos, the first leg of the Tuna Masters series, has attracted great attention since the first day it was built; It has become one of the most popular tournaments in Turkey and Europe. At Tuna Masters Teos, where the biggest fish have been caught for years, the competitors will also show their skills by chasing giant fish this year.

Masters of open sea fishing took their place in the competition with more than 50 boats in total. This year, apart from the boats coming from the surrounding marinas, two boats coming from a distant route such as Cyprus are participating in the competition. Among the competitors, athletes from countries such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Greece will compete in the tournament, along with some competitors who have proven themselves in international waters.

Due to the pandemic, guests will be accepted to the organization area, which will be held in the Teos Marina Garden of Eden on September 2-5, in a controlled manner. Our yachtsmen who want to follow the organization will be able to enter the field. The stands of some of the world-leading companies in their field can be visited in the tournament grounds. Especially on Saturday and Sunday, the fish weighing and the award ceremony will be watched with excitement.

Art from the sea is at Tuna Masters Teos

For the first time this year, Driftwood artist Cem Özipek will exhibit his works of art “Coming from the Sea” at the Tuna Master Tournaments. Cem Özipek's driftwood works will be presented at the exhibition, which will be opened on Friday, September 3, at 18.00, inside the tournament grounds. Until the end of the tournament, driftwood works that combine art with the sea can be seen.

5,000 young fish will be released into the sea

In the tournament, 5,000 young fish will be released into the sea in the marina with the motto of "We catch 1, we release 1000", with the contributions of the Mediterranean Fisheries, Research, Production and Training Institute. On Saturday, September 4, at 19.00, fish will be released into the sea with the participation of sailors in the Teos Marina Garden of Eden. This event of the sport fishing tournament will be a tribute to nature. Teos Marina residents will witness the first excitement of 5,000 fry that will meet the sea.


Renovation work starts in Teos Marina, damaged by the tsunami occured after the Izmir Earthquake

The renewal process started in Teos Marina to heal the wounds of the tsunami disaster caused by the earthquake that hit İzmir on October 30. Teos Marina aims to come full circle with all its services until the end of November, except for the new pontoons the production of which will take between 4 to 6 weeks.

Stating that while there was no damage to the buildings due to the earthquake in Teos Marina, many of the boats were washed aground and get harmed due to the tsunami, said Teos Marina General Manager Faruk Günlü.

“An unprecedented tsunami disaster occurred in the Mediterranean basin after the 6.6 magnitude earthquake striked Seferihisar in the epicenter of the Aegean Sea, on October 30, 2020. While there was no damage to the buildings due to the earthquake in Teos Marina, the sea level has receded and rose within minutes bringin on tides of about 4 meters, leading to strong currents in the harbor which caused the marina pontoons to be damaged and crush boats together. Considering the scale of the disaster, it is our greatest consolation that there is no loss of life or even the slightest injury to Teos Marina staff, boat owners and guests. We wish our condolences to the relatives of those who lost their lives in Sığacık and İzmir and hope to heal our wounds as soon as possible” said Mr. Günlü.

Günlü stated that they aim to go back to old, good days of the marina with all its services until the end of November, except for the new pontoons the production of which will take between 4 to 6 weeks. “We’re trying to settle an effective crisis management by making quick decisions taken with common sense, to heal the wounds of this unprecedented disaster happened in the Mediterranean basin. The renewal process has started swiftly in Teos Marina. We share the developments with all transparency through live broadcasts we frequently make from our social media accounts.

With the production of new pontoons and the renewal of technical equipment, our berthing spaces will continue to accomodate boats after being renewed in accordance with the suggestions of engineers and scientists and the standards of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure” said Mr. Günlü.

Our door is open to all sailors who regard Teos Marina as their home

Stating that Teos Marina will continue to be the dynamo of regional tourism with its feature of being the heart of Sığacık and being the biggest marine tourism enterprise of the district, Günlü said, “We have moved very fast with the support of our stakeholders in the sector and my team in a week after the earthquake. We created accommodation areas both on the sea and on the land within the marina. The whole team works day and night, and we are in the process of recovery and restructuring. Our door is open to all sailors who regard Teos Marina as their home. You can come back to your home”.

All marinas embraces our boats

Noting that a perfect example of solidarity that can only be seen among seafarers was displayed in the removal of the wreck after the earthquake, Günlü said, “After the first shock, the wounds of the disaster started to be healed with a tremendous solidarity and cooperation. A rescue team was formed with those who came to help from many marinas and seafarers in the region. During the wreck removal and reconstruction process, all marinas welcomed the boats. We are grateful to all foul-weather friends who are with us in this with their support. This is what being a sailor really means.”

Record attendance at Tuna Masters Teos

Held for the 5th time this year, Tuna Masters Teos reached the maximum number of competitors. 56 teams will compete in Tuna Masters Teos. This year, new contestants were added to the regulars of this race and a record participation was achieved. Famous business people will try to catch the biggest fish with their fishing rods by struggling with harsh conditions on the sea.

The creators of the tournament, Murat Iyriboz and Elvio Pennetti, lead this giant organization as every year.

The "Danube Masters Teos" fishing tournament, called "Giants League" by the contestants, will take place between 3-6 September 2020, under the auspices of Seferihisar Municipality and hosted by Teos Marina. The competition with its fertile sea and giant fish in 5 years has become one of the most ambitious tournaments in Europe in a short time and this year brings together a record number of competitors.

Although Teos Marina exceeded 100 percent occupancy rate and pushed its capacity this year, Tuna Masters made a great effort to meet the demand for intense participation in Teos and made room for 56 boats.

The golden belt is looking for its new owner

This year, many famous names will participate in the competition, Gökhan Çarmıklı, Murat Aslan, Burhan Çavuşoğlu, Erkut Soyak, Turgut Konukoğlu, Adil Konukoğlu, Feridun Bigalı, Berent Akdemir, Turan Mutlu, Sinan Kuran, Mahmut Özgener, Bülent Akgerman, Rikardo Aliberti, Alp Names such as Kırşan, Altuğ Aksoy and Bülent Delican will fight fiercely.

Tuna Masters Teos, holding the record for the tournaments with 295kg Bluefin Tuna (blue wing tuna), will be in pursuit of new records this year as well.

Tuna Masters Teos will also be the first stage on the way to the "golden belt". The results of the Tuna Masters Teos will be collected with the results of the Alaçatı stage and the "Tuna Masters of the Year" team of the year will be determined. If the Fesfish team, which owned the belt last year, fails to maintain its title, it will hand it over to the winning team this year. The winning team with the fish caught and the points collected in both tournaments (Teos and Alaçatı) will carry the championship belt for 1 year.

The tournament, which will be held under the auspices of Seferihisar Municipality and hosted by Teos Marina, Meridian Adventure Hidden Bay Teos, Obelix Charters, Çaycı, Meridian Adventure Sail, Arvento, CMS, Raymarine, Can-Am, SeaDoo, Antmare, 7800 Çeşme,, İzce Outdoor, Viking Yachts , Northstar, Seaguar, Momoi, Accurate, Tohatsu, Sardamatic, Chameleon Craft, Same, Meridian Adventure Dive and Numberblue will host the contestants.

The pandemic did not stop the contestants

Murat Iyriboz, one of the tournament organizers, said, “This year, the pandemic stopped everything at the stage of preparation. For a long time, we were hesitant about whether we could hold the tournaments this year. Although we made the decision to hold the tournament this year too late, the great support of the participants gave us morale. Although participation in the tournament was as enthusiastic as every year, we had to take very serious measures considering today's conditions. The health of the competitors and other participants is our top priority, so this year entries to the field will be limited. "The pandemic rules and practices covering all participants will be valid throughout the tournament."

Tournament Pandemic Rules:

All the rules published by the Ministry of Health are already valid, and the things to do in the tournament are as follows:

  1. Entries to the field will be controlled, and applications such as temperature measurement will be made. In addition, those who do not have a name badge will not be allowed into the field. Teams that have family, friends, etc. with them during the competition days can provide a name list and provide these people with badges before the competition. The number of this type of "team support card" is limited to 100, it will be given according to the order of application. Apart from this, there will be an opportunity to receive visitor cards at the door in both sites. However, the total number of visitor cards will not exceed 100 people at the same time, and badges can be obtained from the visitor desk by submitting ID cards. If there are 100 visitors inside, a new visitor entry will be the same as the number of people leaving.
  2. It is mandatory to comply with social distance rules and wear a mask on the field. Boats are private areas, and onboard pandemic rules must be implemented by the team. However, it is forbidden to be together with other boat crews in the boats. The boat crew should be in itself.
  3. This year, there will be a hygiene kit for each person in the bags and it will allow you to comply with the rules. The same hygiene kit will be distributed to a limited number of visitors. In addition, there will be various points on the field for hand cleaning.
  4. This year, there will be an additional disclaimer stating health status in addition to the signed waiver each year. Again, due to the minimum contact philosophy, the tournament rules will not be distributed as a printed booklet this year. We strongly request you to download and follow these rules, which are written in detail on our website.