Ferry Services From Sığacık To Samos

With coorperation between Teos Marina and Samos Star Agency, Sığacık-Samos ferry services have carried tens of thousands of people every year since 2015. Sığacık Teos Marina - Samos flights will be in the morning and return in the evening, 3 days a week and every day of the week in August. To get to ferry service harbour, turn towards Teos Marina Dry Dock Area and park your car at parking lot which is just a few steps ahead. Boarding cards will be given at Sığacık Border Crossing Point before getting on board. We kindly remind you to buy international departure stamp at the desk, in case you haven’t paid the departure fee in advance. Visitors usually choose 2 days and 1 night tours, although one may also prefer to make a day trip to Samos, one of the most beautiful and green islands of Greece with its splendid nature and rich cuisine. Setur Duty-Free Shop is also in service on the ferry days in Teos Marina.

Details can be found on the website https://egeadalari.ido.com.tr/en or you can get information simply by calling +0 850 222 44 36.