Advertising Opportunities

Delivering your brand to the right target audience at the right time is as valuable as the services and products you produce. As Teos Marina, we are at your side with our outdoor launch areas, billboards, racket boards and digital ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES in our e-magazine that reach thousands of people so that you can increase the awareness of your business or brand and customer interaction, offer new products and services, and increase your repeat sales.

Considering the outstanding customer portfolio served by Teos Marina, the tourist potential of the region and the visitors of Teos Marina Bazaar, it has the most preferred advertising areas in Seferihisar and Sığacık for product launches and brand promotions. Located in Sığacık next to İzmir, Teos Marina Bazaar bustles with visitors four seasons. Hosting quality venues and events, Teos Marina is the right platform for you also to realize your business goals.

At Teos Marina there are 5 billboard advertising promotion areas and 10 bidirectional (CLP) racket boards, all automatically lighted, in use. One can rent each sides of the boards for a minimum of 30 days and its multiples.

Discounts are applied for 6-month and annual rentals for Billboard and Racket board rentals.

You can reach your target audience much faster with reasonable budgets by taking place in Teos Marina E-magazine with your ads.

For company promotions with a stand for display and ad application area, you can rent a minimum of 10 square meters of promotional space in suitable areas.

Call now to reserve the most suitable place for the promotion of your company and brand at Teos Marina, which is one of the marinas providing quality and reliable service in Turkey with its premium marina concept and bustling Bazaar.

For detailed information, please call +90 549 745 72 10.