Teos Yacht and Sailing Club

Founded in 2018, Teos Yacht and Sailing Club has formed its teams and started training to raise sportspersons in Optimist and Laser classifications for national and international races in home ownership of Teos Marina. Our mission is to teach sailing to young people, train the future-sportspersons, popularize and introduce sailing to the public to form a maritime society by organizing some activities.

The raise in the number of amateur sportive activites led to a rise in number of sailing clubs and also to a rise in quality improvement accordingly. Founded with the incentive of succesful trainers and sailors, Teos Yacht and Sailing Club aims to make Sığacık as the most successful city of Turkey in sailing and make a name for itself in international races.

Bringing together many factors such as proper equipment, optimal geographic features, adequate winds and trained and successful sportspersons, Teos Yacht and Sailing Club aims to create a tremendous impression on other water sports along with sailing.

The club has also made a serious progress in rowing, canoeing, swimming and underwater sports. In 2019, 375 children were trained on sailing during five summer courses in total. Teos Yacht and Sailing Club has 40 sportsmen actively participating in races, five of which represent our country as national athletes and have a potential to make its presence felt in international field, in the near future.

Apart from holding summer/winter courses/camps and raising sailors with the help of its certificated instructors, Teos Yacht and Sailing Club also aims to organize sail races, regattas and trophies.