Investment Opportunities

10 Reasons to Invest in Teos Marina

1 - With its unspoiled nature, historic fabric, hospitable locals, natural products and local food, Sığacık attracts many upper-middle-class tourists coming from İzmir and nearby cities on weekends. This demand for Sığacık has engaged huge attention of investors lately. Taking into account the rise in the number of luxury hotels and real estate market, Sığacık has increased it’s value by protecting its local identity at the same time. TEOS Marina is right in the heart of Sığacık.

2 - TEOS Marina started its commitment to the yachting industry in June 2010 in Turkey’s first “Cittaslow” (city of quiet and slow life) Seferihisar – Sığacık, with a capacity of 80 boats on land and 480 boats on sea. TEOS Marina is logistically advantageous as it’s only 40 km away from İzmir city centre and 50 km away from İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport. Thanks to its logistic advantages, TEOS Marina is located just next to historical Sığacık Castle and Teos Ancient City. Apart from these, it has a unique location which is just an hour away from many touristic attraction centers such as Çeşme, Kuşadası, Ephesus and The House of the Virgin Mary.

3 - Teos Marina is one of the few marinas serves with 5 Golden Anchors and has a 100% occupancy rate as of 2020.

4 - For its distinguished guests, TEOS Marina provides general services such as water, electricity, sanitary units (Toilet, Shower, Dish Washing), sanitary units for the disabled, laundry unit, free TV broadcast, free internet (Wifi), storage rentals, garages, shuttle service in marina, car park for 450 and heliport for 7/24. TEOS Marina also has a swimming pool, a tennis court field.

5 - TEOS Marina’s customer portfolio consists of some prestigious occupational groups such as doctors, lawyers, pilots and entrepreneurs. Different from other marinas, the customer mass in TEOS Marina consists of active professional business people, rather than retired. Our customer profile is a young and dynamic one that are usually inclined to sail both in winter and summer at short intervals, rather than keeping their boat waiting idly during winter and then sailing for a long period of time during summer. In summer season, the number of boats that break out a sail is approximately between 150 and 250, while it reduces to 50 or 100 in sunny cold days of winter. The fact that our guests are mostly from İzmir and the reason that some of them comes from İstanbul for a weekend by their own cars play an important role in this.

6 - TEOS Marina is a child-friendly marina with its playground in it.

7 - Teos Spa & Beauty Center is ready to give service providing a sauna, steam room, Turkish Bath and massage services. There is also a diving center in Teos Marina Bazaar.

8 - There are many cafes, restaurants and night entertainment venues in the bazaar section of Teos Marina. In addition, supermarkets, boutiques and accessory stores for shopping meet the needs of both yachtsmen and visitors of the region. Two ATMs are also available in Teos Marina Bazaar.

9 - Considering the fields of interest of our yacht owners, Teos Yacht Club holds some tailor-made trainings, seminars and application programs. Our punch party “Chit Chat” is an another event organised for Teos Marina residents. Hosting dance shows and concerts along with Teos Children Festival, Tuna Masters Teos and yacht races, TEOS Marina is the centre of attraction throughout summer. The number of daily visitors reaches 5,000 during weekdays in season, while it pushes 7,000-8,000 in the weekend.

10 - TEOS Marina contributes to the economic, ecolological, social and cultural development of the area. Apart from generating employment, our yachters are also contributers of regional economy with their expenses made on restaurants, hotels and stores around the marina. Teos Marina has also a share in national economy with foreign exchange earnings of itself, considering its foreign guests belong to a high socio-economic status.

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